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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Andalusia Spain 21-26 Nov 2007

4 beautiful cities in Andalusia, Spain...Seville, Cordoba, Malaga and the majestic Granada, this was our latest vacation this year. Weather was perfect, Alhamdulillah. Flight via the new Cliqair was smooth. It was a sweet surprise to discover the beautiful scenic drive when we drove from the big city, across arces of olive estate, cruising along the coastline in Malaga and wondered around the mountains' feet to reach Granada. SubhanaAllah! This is another version of Swiss...without river due to dry climate.
The pic above is the artifact left at Medinat Al-Zahra, in Cordoba. That site used to be a grand mosque where the Caliph used to pray. We cannot help but to feel sad for this land, who lost the spirit of Islam 900 years ago. There is no more Islam in Andalusia...beautiful mosques have been transformed to dark churches, jamon (babi) become the nations' popular meal (surprisingly the dried version of jamon were hanged everywhere in the supermarkets unlike here in Holland or UK), azan prayers have been replaced by the bells' echoe; we could not imagine this event happen in our lifetime. We would rather die, than seeing Islam die with our bare eyes.
What's left is the design and architecture, old artifacts and the famous khat in Alhambra, "Wa La Ghalibu Illa Allah" (There is no conqueror other than God). We, Muslims, bow to God and only God, not another man or patung or anything else other than God.
I feel sorry for the Andalusians, but it gives us a great learning exposure on how ugly things would be if you do not defend your faith.
Farah Sofea, Ummi hopes that you will go again to Andalusia when you're matured enough to understand the whole picture. Visit Andalusia to refresh your memory and strengthen your iman & takwa.