Farah Sofea

This site is dedicated to our loving daughters, Farah & Sofea. We love you so much and we pray that both of you will become anak solehah, succesful in this world and HereAfter.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Ada Batu!

This is a funny story from our Iftar (breaking our fast) yesterday. As usual, all of us little family sat together at the dining table ready to bukak puasa. Both Farah Sofea lead the session by reciting doa makan. Then, Abah read another doa followed by eaten (Dutch version of eat).
Suddenly, Sofea who was sitting in front of Ummi looked straight at Ummi and said out loudly,"Ummi! Ada batu kat situ!!"; pointing at my face innocently.
So everybody looked at me, true enough there was a huge jerawat batu right smack in the middle of my face , in between the eye brow (kat nandek) red and angry. Everybody laughed lebih2 lagi Farah and Abah diye, indeed it was like a batu!Oh, malunya...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Back to School

This year Farah & Sofea start schooling. Farah goes to pre-school at International British School while Sofea goes to playschool at Windmill Playschool (because no place for Sofea yet at Farah's school, full house). Farah starts at 9am to 3pm, Adik session begins at 1pm till 3:30pm - daily.
Farah is a bit shy and clingy to Abah. The first time we sent you to school, Farah peluk je Abah. We knew you won't cry, you will survive but Farah kan manja; so okaylah we waited until you settled down a bit. Farah is not so happy with her new white blue navy school uniform because she loves wearing her colorful flowery t-shirt. Jenuh jugaklah Ummi & Abah nak pujuk! At the same time we lega sebab it's easier to manage the uniform; otherwise Farah asyik nak pakai the same old t-shirt everday! Balik je from school, straight away Farah salin to her home dress...she hates uniform.
Sofea has a different story. So excited to go to school sampai it's a taboo to say sekolah cuti, she will cry!! Everyday after lunch at 12:30pm, Adik dah siap with her knapsack bag, waiting at the door and said,"Abah, jom pi school!". At school, Sofea salam Abah and terus disappear...ran straight to the classroom, sit next to her teacher, ready with pen and paper. Bagusnyer!! Looks like our theory berjayalah, we said to Sofea school equals play, fun, toy. It works!

Everyday, all of us are busy with our own chores and responsibilities. Guess who is the busiest of them all? Abah la of course, kerja mengambil menghantar keluar masuk..Thank you very much Abah for your BIG contribution! We really appreciate it.

Ummi & Abah hope Farah Sofea will enjoy your learning journey, and become succesful insan both in this world and hereafter.