Farah Sofea

This site is dedicated to our loving daughters, Farah & Sofea. We love you so much and we pray that both of you will become anak solehah, succesful in this world and HereAfter.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Roti Bakar

One of Farah (and Sofea) favorite breakfast is roti with butter. So today Farah requested just that and abah pun prepare la the roti. Here, we can easily find half-cooked roti so u will have to masuk dlm oven before eating it fresh from oven. Selalu pakai our big oven set at 200celcius for 10 minutes. But today, abah nak try pakai the smaller oven toaster (my favorite oven). Disebabkan oven ni very small (comparatively), so abah set the oven heater at both up and down and set the timer to max 15 minutes....and wait until the bell rings....

And the result:

Korek jugak la roti tu makan isi dia, still good n lekker. tapi tak habis pun farah mana.

DOnt under estimate my little oven toaster!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Jumpa dah...

Dah jumpa dah koleksi gambar2 lama.... ummi buleh la mengarang dgn lebih pjg lebar lagi... hhmmm... kena set another pc/notebook la gamaknya kat rmh nie.. see what abah can do with it.... 'the blogger corner'

Favorite Cartoons

Carta mingguan minggu ini:-

1 - Spongebob Season 2

2) Spongebob Season 1

3) Pink Panther

4) Tom n Jerry

5) Jetix's cartoon (ntah apa tajuk dia)

haa... totally spies laa... tapi dutch version.. kalau depa tgk ni, kira dutch language session laa

All time favorites:

...isk, penat la cari gambar yg lain2... tulis je la:
-Ice Age
-Brother Bear

Coming soon:

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ummi Down

ToDAY Ummi down lah sayang...uhuk uhuk...Ummi not well sebab heavy red-flag. Ummi balik office awal because Ummi feel so dizzy and tired, so Ummi balik and bum for 3-hours straight. Kesyian Abah, kesyian baby2 Ummi. Insya Allah esok Ummi sihat, we can go to the park again bagi kambing makan ok?


Monday, August 21, 2006

Kuekenhof, Land of Flowers

Last April we went to Kuekenhof, the famous flower garden in Holland. Full of tulips with various vibrant colours.
So beautiful!!SubhanAllah!
This is one of my dream come true...
And guess what? The garden is near my house!!
Tak sampai 30 mins dah sampai. People from all around the world visit this lovely garden in Apr/May.
So friends, pack up your things and take that flight to Amsterdam. Remember-the flowers in Kuekenhof only bloom in End April/May!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sofea Day

Today Ummi announce the Sofea Day. A bit too late, dah nak dekat 12 am Hague time, but because Ummi cannot sleep melayan karenah Sofea and for what you did...Ummi declare today as the Sofea Day!

1) Wall of Fame - Sofea happily scribbled the wall of our rented house for xxx times. A nice piece of 'art', black colour pencil on the white wall! Ummi and Abah dah many many times told you not to do it. Sofea dah stopped for quite a while after the last Wall of Fame kat rumah tok - in our bedroom, full of your art contribution. Today suddenly Sofea went back to your old hobby, which I am not quite happy...esp rumah we stay nie rumah sewa. Even if it is our own house, I wouldn't allow you to scribble on the wall. Kesian Abah kena cuci balik.

2) Wall of Fame part II - ini lagi best. Sofea SPRAYed your chocolate milk from your bottle to the wall!!! So we can see dots dots and many many more choc dots scattered from head to toe. Nice piece of 'art'! Ummi dah tak tau nak cakap apa. So tired looking at it after coming home from office.

3) Cannot sleep mode - for whatever reason, Sofea could not sleep tonight. Maybe panas kot, so Ummi mandikan Sofea with warm water at 11:30 pm. Or hungry? Sofea gelisah semacam. We were trying to put you to sleep for the past 2 hours. Sofea played with your pampers, golek2 non-stop, rengek2...sabar je la. Ummi could not stand it anymore because Ummi sakit. I woke up at 4 am today and worked very hard with no rest, planning to sleep early to avoid sakit and get some rest. Esok Ummi boleh wake up fresh early to cook for the family.

Apakan daya...It's nearly 12 midnight, and Ummi dah pun start sakit. Too late...

Inilah cerita our cheeky2 bom2 Sofea. Sabar je la - that's the word...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Favourite Words

This is Farah's favourite word : "Lupa ke?"
Adik pun dah start follow kakak dia (sound like this : 'di-ye').

*Ummi forgot to bring Nana (short form for Ribena) for Farah.
Farah : Ummi nak Nana. Ummi lupa ke?
Ummi : Ya la, Ummi lupa. Sorry okay.

*Ummi tertumpah Nana kat dapur.
Farah : Laaa tumpah?? Ummi lupa ke?
Ummi : Ummi lupa la. Sorry okay.


Here goes favourite words Adik pulak ...
1) sekem = ice-cream (mentioned at least 3 times a day)
2) di-ye = dia eg Ummi di-ye, Abah di-ye, Adik di-ye, Kakak di-ye, Tok di-ye, Pakchaq di-ye, Pakngah di-ye, Maksu di-ye etc
3) Vi-C = Vitamin C


Once upon a time, Farah bukak fridge. Adik mengadu kat Tok (kununnya)...
Sofea : Tooooooook, tengok ni Kak Farah nie. Pandai-pandai...(stop kejap)... bukak peti ais

Ummi & Tok tergelak kat dapur sebab kelakarlah dengar Sofea cakap "pandai-pandai". Macam tiru Tok ajer bila Tok tegur Sofea!

Cute sangat dengar anak2 Ummi cakap. I wish I can record your voice everyday so that Ummi can listen whenever, wherever. I am sure Tok, Tokwan, Pakchaq, Pakngah, Maksu & Kak Nor kat Malaysia pun rindu nak dengar suara Farah Sofea!

Apa pun, cakaplah perkara yang baik2 dan elok2 okay darling Ummi!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

'New' Stroller

Now is 7 pm Hague time. Ummi is still in office, waiting for Abah and Farah Sofea to fetch. Abah just bought a 'new' stroller for Farah Sofea. Phew...Euro100! Not cheap girls, but we need it and it is second hand item.

Ummi thought now that both of you are already aged 4 & 3, we don't need any more stroller. We already have one for Sofea which Ummi bought 2 years back for our Umrah trip (that one was not cheap either). It turned out that recently Farah also needs one because you are tired of walking...yes, Ummi understand - living in Europe requires extensive walking exercise. So everytime we go out, Abah has to bring 2 stollers for each of you. Then, one fine day Abah said,"We need only ONE stroller that can carry BOTH of you. It's more practical". Well, now we end up with 3 strollers at home!

Nanti Abah post gambar stroller Farah & Sofea...

Ummi tak le agree sangat sebenarnya nak buy one more stroller, since it is not cheap. But since we are planning to go to Paris and bring you two, and Ummi loves Abah...okaylah! No problem.

And this is when it is loaded ... BDM=42kg

1st Blog Day

Excitednyer Ummi first time create blog untuk anak2 Ummi, Farah Sofea. Ini sebab tengok blog Ayesha lah nie, anak Auntie Kamalia & Uncle Sheik. Terus Ummi make time to create one for anak2 Ummi tersayang! Enjoy! Semoga Farah Sofea happy & terhibur dengan coretan Ummi dan Abah di alam maya ini...