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Monday, May 07, 2007

Long Weekend (Queen's Birthday 30/4/07)

Well, ini saja jer nak tiru title blog Myra he he

30/4/07 (Monday) was a public holiday in The Netherlands, Queen's birthday. We decided to use this golden long weekend opportunity to enjoy breakfast in Luxembourg, have lunch in Germany and dinner in France. Kelas gitu! Sampai rosak kereta we all ha ha

We left home on Friday at around 7 pm, after work. Arrived in Luxembourg at 12 midnight, sleep over at Ibis Hotel, Aeroport. Next morning, after breakfast we found this beautiful carpet of yellow flowers behind the hotel (above pic). SubhanAllah...cantiknya!

Next destination was Mettlach, Germany which was about 40 mins drive via countryside road. Itu tempat Ummi shopping Villeroy & Boch item at the Outlet Center. Tak sangka we jumpa kedai jual nasi briyani kat situ! Best la makan lunch. Farah Sofea met their friends..Maisarah, Izzaty, Fariz. What a coincidence, ramai pulak Malaysian shopping kat situ on that day.

By 5 pm, we continued our journey down south towards Colmar, France. The real original Colmar, aka Bukit Tinggi. It was Sunday, as usual 98% of the shops were close except for souvenir shops and restaurants. We were already accustomed to this "tradition" , so no hal. We did not plan to shop anyway in Colmar.
(pic update later)

The village was quiet impressive. Very artistic and interesting architecture, with timber and vibrant colours as the main source of attraction. One part of the little cosy town is known as "little venice". It has a little canal in between buildings and little boats for tourists to explore. We also met some Malaysian students who were doing pre-u courses there sponsored by Petronas, Telekom & JPA; lucky brats!

On the way back our car broke down in France highway; overheated due to malfunction screw. Like a sick horse, we slowly drove few miles at a time to reach the nearest big city. Thank God we managed to find a huge BMW service center in Luxembourg. Put a night there which was not in our original plan; and first thing in the morning at 7am, Abah sent the car for repair. Ingatkan 2-3 hours boleh siap, we got the car at 5 pm! While waiting, sempat jalan2 to explore the beautiful city. (pic to update).

We left the scenic city at around 5 plus. Alhamdulillah, we arrived home safely at around 10 pm. Exciting long weekend indeed!