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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cologne & Dusseldorf Trip

Picture taken on the 16/2/07 at Dusseldorf, Germany : Farah Sofea having breakfast at Rhine River Hotel (nampak tak sungai kat luar tingkap tu? That' the famous Rhine River in Europe). We stay overnight after window shopping kat Cologne :
Tok & Tokwan joined our trip. This picture was taken at Koningsalle , Dusseldorf (equivalent to Jalan TAR kat KL tapi kedai2 kat sini high end...all those expensive boutiques etc). Jamu mata sajalah :

This was one of the memorable trip we had together with Tok & Tokwan. Masa Tok & Tokwan mai, Ummi was quite busy with office work. Since we are already planning for a long holiday in early April, Ummi could not take another long day off in Feb when Tok & Tokwan was around. Alhamdulillah, just before Tok & Tokwan balik to KL, Ummi managed to get one day off on Friday and without thinking twice, we just booked the hotel room, grabbed some maps and off we go...exploring shopping cities Dusseldorf and Cologne in Germany.
It was a wonderful experience. Weather was perfect (although still cold). Our mini "tom-tom" (Ummi's PDA) proved to be the best gadget of the year (sebab we could surf the internet and made last minute hotel booking at River Rhine Hotel and drove there via internet map). We had tasty yummy fish & chip, we bought nice shirts and jackets at bargain price sebab sale and the best part is, Ummi could spend quality time with Farah Sofea, Abah and especially Tok & Tokwan before they return to KL...sampai Tok & Tokwan had to postpone their flight lah he he.
Next time dah tak teringin lagi nak pi Dusseldord because not our cup of tea.
But Cologne is worth going back, insya Allah some other time we will visit Cologne again.


  • At 9:26 AM, Blogger kamalia said…

    comelnya farah and sofea..miss u all la.

  • At 2:04 PM, Anonymous mama na said…

    comeiinyeeee baby-baby....

  • At 2:34 PM, Anonymous shahrilramzi said…

    tak tahaannnn...nk pi sanaaaaa..:P

  • At 8:14 PM, Blogger ummu_naqeebah said…

    kak min, laily ni, enth caner dok keborangan, tunggu sample surf here and tehre, terjumpa blog ni, saya pon memblog juaga as a teraphy....please visit blog saya laks....


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